November 29, 2017

Thank you so very much for volunteering and/or attending our "Be a PALL" Holiday Party!

And thank you sponsors and cash donors for making our event possible!

With your support, we were able to complete 29 cleanup projects, raise $2600 for the EMS Toy Roundup and give out five $1,000 checks to Port A residents devasted by Hurricane Harvey.  We had 120 volunteers who worked all day and 250 total attendees to the party.  We also had one volunteer, who wishes to be anonymous, give $1700 in gift cards that we passed on to the Toy Roundup. Amazing! All of you are just an amazing group of people!

The people of Port A thank you too!  There were many tears of joy and smiles of happiness and hugs of appreciation that day.  There will be follow up articles on the event in the South Jetty and reports by local news stations so that everyone in Port A and the entire Coastal Bend will know that people care and are still giving of their time and money to help them recover from Hurricane Harvey.

Our event was also a boost to the local economy as a vast majority of our volunteers were from out of town.  This helped local businesses, and thus their staff, as they try to rebuild and keep jobs available for local residents.  Port A Low Life alone spent close to $7,000 locally for goods and services related to the event.

All the tools used in our projects have been made available to the Port Aransas Chamber of Commerce.  They have volunteers coming in regularly who are welcome to use our tools on clean up projects.  Port A residents can apply for assistance at

Please take a few minutes to answer a couple questions on our Poll Page and use the Contact Us Page to leave any comments or suggestions on the event.  Also, feel free to post any photos you took at the event on our Photo Page.

Follow us on Facebook to get updates and see some cool videos from the event.

Thanks again!  You make it all possible!

- Port A Low Life

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